• Image of "7-SIX-13" CREWNECK T-SHIRT

The EKOET "7-SIX-13 " Tee is our flagship T-shirt, and is a must-have for anyone that wants to openly represent the sober lifestyle, aswell as stand out in a world of Drug addicts and Alcohol abusers.

The "7-SIX-13" Tee originally debuted back in 2014, when Stann Smith went on Tour with Joey Bada$$ & Vince Staples, but was only available to purchase at the live shows. In 2016 we stopped selling the "7-SIX-13" Tee, and it was only awarded to those who began a journey of sober-living and managed to remain sober for at least 5 months.

Now the "7-SIX-13" Tee finally make it's long awaited online debut after 5 long years. So take this opportunity to get one while you can, because ain't no telling when it's going back in the vault.

Sizing: The "7-SIX-13" Tee fits true to size, with a slim fit. If you would like a slightly looser feeling shirt we recommend that you go up one-size.

Note: This product is not intended for fashion or style, this is a lifestyle piece that represents "EKOET" Which is a lifestyle of not drinking, smoking or doing drugs! It may potentially be dangerous wearing this product, if you don't align with our mission statement.