• Image of Stann Smith - Fear The Sober [Digital]

Released On 4/20, Where Smokers Unite Worldwide, The Sober Will Be Feared, & Respected. Stann Smith Releases An Exclusive 10-Song Album Entitled "Fear The Sober", Featuring The Singles "Hakeem" & "C.R.E.A.M", Celebrate This 4/20 With The Sober! #EKOET

Track Listing

1. Dust Clear
2. Collection Plate
3. C.R.E.A.M
4. Introspective
5. Hakeem
6. Gone
7. Black Lies Matter
8. 40 Below
9. Talkin' Down
10. Fear The Sober


Produced By Stann Smith
All Songs Recorded By Stann Smith
Mixed and Mastered by EKOET
All Instrumentals Composed By Stann Smith
Creative Directed By 3ree

[Digital Album]